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Choosing to work with a professional therapist is an excellent decision for moving your life forward.

We live in a complicated world sometimes, and the choice to receive counselling is often the most rewarding decision you can make. Professional therapist Terry Penner has worked with the Calgary community for more than 35 years offering professional counselling and therapy services for a variety of situations and needs. Whether you need the help of a licensed therapist to improve your marriage, overcome addictions, or simply pull yourself out of depression, Terry Penner can help.

Working as a therapist in Calgary for so many years, Terry Penner has worked with hundreds of families, couples and individuals to overcome their emotional challenges and turn some tough situations around. Often a therapist's input can simply shed new light on your situation, giving you a different perspective to work with. The courage to ask for help and find a good counsellor shows strength, and often times Terry can help you expand on those strengths and truly push through whatever life is currently throwing at you. Very few people ever regret going for professional counselling. It's such a positive learning experience and enlightening time, and the opportunity for personal growth is significant.

Can You Benefit from Working with a Professional Therapist?

It is very common to "sit on the fence" and debate going for counselling. This can sometimes carry on for weeks, months or even years! Eventually, when our clients finally make the choice to come to see us, they often say "I wish I would have done this sooner!" Working with a professional therapist can sometimes turn your life around quite quickly. Other times it may take several visits or therapy sessions to even crack the surface of the issues.

Regarded as one of the friendliest therapists in Calgary by many of his peers, Terry Penner has a remarkable ability to make his clients feel comfortable and safe while speaking with him. Terry is also known for sprinkling humour throughout his therapy. It is critical to feeling comfortable and trusting with your therapist in order to get the best results. Usually, the toughest things to talk about are the ones we need to talk about the most. Terry Penner has been working as a family therapist, marriage counsellor and professional therapist in Calgary since 1990, so he has learned how to make almost anyone comfortable with him! If you ask even a few preliminary questions, you will understand why he is such a highly recommended therapist in Calgary.

If you are still unsure if professional counselling is for you, ask yourself these simple questions. (And don't forget, be honest with yourself. Honesty is a significant part of the healing process in any situation.)

  1. Have you thought about professional therapy before today?If so, why didn't you go in the past? Is it possible or likely that receiving professional counselling sooner would have benefited your life?
  2. Are you feeling like you just don't know where to turn?We have so many people that come to us and admit they "just don't know what else to do". Often times the combination of our careers, spouses (or losing a spouse), children and the other endless responsibilities in life leave us scrambling just to keep up. Without the help of a professional therapist, it can be difficult to find the breakthrough opportunities that can really turn things around.
  3. Are you regularly asking yourself questions such as "Why am I like this?" or "How could this happen to me?"Sometimes this type of question really needs to be answered in order to move forward successfully. It is common for our clients to judge themselves for some of their problems. While there are always things that we can control to help our situations, there are also deeply rooted causes for some of the things that we do. Working with a professional therapist in Calgary can really open up some of those insights, and give you the clarity you need to push forward.
  4. Terry Penner has been offering professional psychology services to Calgary residents for more than 35 years. If you are ready to make a change and ready to move forward faster with your life, Contact Professional Therapist Terry Penner today.

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