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Calgary Marriage Counselling

A successful marriage takes hard work, patience, and most important practices such as effective conflict management and recovery and daily reinforcement of respect. In the fast-paced world that we all live in today, creating a happy and fulfilling marriage can often be challenging.

Offering marriage counselling in Calgary for more than 35 years, Terry Penner can help your relationship to get back on course. With the stresses of children, careers, finances (yikes!) and often a lack of time for romance and sex, a marriage can fall off the tracks quite quickly sometimes. Once that train goes off the track, it can be difficult to get things back "like they used to be". The first step is to effectively open up communication, which can often be tougher than you think.

Terry has a straightforward and logical approach when offering marital counselling to Calgary couples. Starting with simply opening the communication in a safe environment, it's amazing how much progress can be made in a very short period of time. It must simply be human nature, but we often assume that our partners can read our minds and understand our needs. Very rarely is that actually the case!


Family Counselling and Therapy in Calgary

In a perfect world, we would all have endless time and endless resources to simply enjoy the finer things in life and spend time with our loved ones. Unfortunately, when "real life" kicks in and responsibilities start to stack up, there is rarely enough time to get everything done. With the fast-paced environments that today's parents face; many families are forced to be dual income homes with scarce time for the kids. This can create a dangerous cycle of resentment, leading from children to their parents, and then from one spouse to the other, finally leading back to the kids. Similar to many other situations we work with, the first step here is to open up communication amongst the family. This can often seem impossible at first, as everyone feels "misunderstood" and thinks that nobody "gets" their position. The simple choice to come in for family counselling and therapy provides a neutral environment — a safe environment — for everyone to open up and be heard.

Terry Penner has been providing family counselling in Calgary for more than 35 years and truly understands the core issues that often spark blow-ups within a family. In addition to "traditional families" which are becoming less traditional by the week, Terry also works regularly with stepfamily dynamics, which can often get out hand quite quickly. The introduction of a new parental figure (especially with teenagers!) can be incredibly difficult and stressful for all parties involved. Counselling sessions with your family can provide a neutral space for everyone to express thoughts and feelings before moving on to collaborative solutions that respect all family members' needs.


Calgary Counselling for Individuals

This world we all live in can be a stressful place. Often times our best-laid plans, even well executed, don't work out as planned. Sometimes those "plans" come in the form of relationships or children, and any control of the situation is simply out of our hands. Regardless of the cause of the stress, Terry Penner has been offering quality counselling for individuals for more than 35 years in Calgary. Whether you are currently suffering from depression, anxiety, addictions, or just an overall lack of clarity or a feeling of purpose, Terry can probably help.

Many of our visitors come into our office and appear calm and "steady as a rock" on the surface. Sadly this is how many people have trained themselves to appear in public, while below the surface they are suffering and hurting deeply. We all come from different backgrounds, and we all have our struggles, but sometimes it can be too much to tackle on your own. The help of a professional therapist can truly bring those issues to the surface and help you develop a workable approach to resolve these issues.


Addiction Counselling in Calgary

Addictions come in many forms and are often very misunderstood by those on the "outside". When addiction counselling begins, it becomes quite apparent that the addiction itself is only part of the problem. Beneath the addiction is another whole set of unresolved issues, which also need to be addressed in order to successfully work on treating the addiction. However, Terry has found in his work with addiction that it is imperative to arrest the addictive process before going on to examine underlying issues.

Society will often assume that an "addict" is hooked on drugs or alcohol abuse, but addictions are also common surrounding gambling, pornography (including the internet), and sex.

Treating an addiction is a long process, but one that is certainly worth the effort. With more than 35 years of experience as a professional therapist and therapist in Calgary, Terry Penner has helped dozens of clients to kick their addictions and solve the core issues hanging beneath the surface.

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