Is Your Marriage in Trouble?

Fighting more, prolonged freeze outs, (cold wars), threatening separation or divorce? Less and less intimacy, separate vacations?of issues.

All of these are typical signs/symptoms of a troubled marriage. If you are experiencing some or even one of the above, now would be a good time to address these problems before they result in either long-term patterns for life, separation or divorce. Short term marital counselling can effectively address any of these patterns if both parties are motivated to do so.

Are You Considering Divorce?

Before considering divorce, consider marriage counselling. Couples typically lose their objectivity with one another and either cannot generate solutions by themselves or they develop solutions that only change the problem by temporarily creating a hopeless feeling in the marriage.

Although it is possible that some couples cannot work things out, and may be incompatible, other couples have changed their mind about divorce after marriage counselling.

Can Marriage Counselling Save Your Relationship?

Marriage counselling can save your relationship if both partners are willing to look at personal contributions to the marital problems and both accept a role in changing whatever patterns/behaviours are necessary to increase marital satisfaction. It is rare that a marriage will not improve.

At the very least marriage, counselling can help a couple decide if they really do need to end the relationship and move on. In this regard, marriage counselling can help couples separate in respectful ways that are less painful and destructive.

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