Addiction Counselling in Calgary

When you or someone you love is struggling with an addiction, it can often feel hopeless.

Addictions come in many forms but also stem from a variety of underpinning issues. Whatever the addiction pattern, the focus in counselling always begins with arresting the addiction. Once the addiction has been arrested, counselling does shift to addressing underlying issues that have been masked by the addiction.

Addiction counselling is an excellent way to find true meaning in where the addiction is stemming from, in addition to finding solutions for treating the addiction. Depression is a common cause of addictions for many people and can trace back to an endless number of initial causes. Sometimes childhood issues can be involved. Other times it may be a result of marital breakdowns or divorce. Once the addiction pattern has been arrested, often clients discover that there has been a lack of connection with other people in their lives and these connections need to be re-established.

Terry Penner has been an addiction counsellor in Calgary since 1990 and worked as a counselling supervisor with AADAC in Calgary for more than 10 years prior to moving into private practice. Terry can help you overcome your addiction and help you resolve underlying issues pre-dating the addiction. Terry Penner has helped hundreds of Calgary residents to overcome drug abuse, alcoholism, sex addictions, pornography addictions, gambling addictions and more. It's important to remember that no matter how hard things seem right now, someone else has likely been through a similar situation and found a way to turn things around. With more than 35 years of experience in addiction counselling, Terry Penner can certainly open your eyes to new ways of approaching the situation.

Alcohol and Drug Addiction Counselling in Calgary

Alcohol abuse and drug addictions are unfortunately on the rise in our society. With debates taking place daily as to the true cause of these issues, it is more important than ever to take action quickly and treat these situations as early as possible. Alcohol and drug addictions are never something that anyone plans. We often hear from our clients that they "don't know how it got this far". This is actually very common.

As with many other forms of counselling and therapy, the starting point is arresting the addiction. Once the addiction has been effectively dealt with, there is an opportunity to focus more attentively on other issues. Whether these tie back to childhood events or relationships, marital breakdowns, the loss of a loved one or any other reason, it is important to address the addiction first, and then effectively focus on other issues.

Terry Penner has helped hundreds of people in the Calgary area to successfully overcome their alcohol or drug addictions. Terry is known for approaching addiction problems in a very pragmatic manner that allows his clients to very quickly challenge their addictive patterns. While it is never a case of simply "thinking positively", Terry will show you effective strategies for overcoming self-restricting beliefs and constructively challenging you to take control of your life.

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