Heart Therapy

Heart incident counselling and recovery

Did you know that these unresolved issues could lead to depression, unhealthy lifestyle choices, low self-esteem, and possibly addictive behaviours?

Surviving a heart incident means recovery on both psychological and physical levels. Medical professionals are primarily trained to help your physical recovery. Psychological damage from a heart incident can include; loss of confidence in your body's capabilities, reduced self-esteem, fears of a shortened or compromised lifestyle, and generalized anger (why me?).

I can help you because

  1. I have experience in recovery from a heart incident.
  2. I am a trained therapist with over 35 years of clinical experience.
  3. I provide counselling that is both collaborative and solution focused, tailored specifically to your needs.

Heart Therapy will help you

  1. Understand what impact your heart incident may be having on your personality, and how these changes may be negatively affecting your family, friends and colleagues.
  2. Develop strategies to reduce fears and anxieties associated with your heart incident.
  3. Develop a more empowering, positive view of your future.

No part of counselling is meant to replace consultation or direction from your medical professional. All clients are encouraged to continue to discuss changes in exercise, diet etc with their medical professional.

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