About Terry Penner

Professional Therapist in Calgary

Terry Penner sitting on a park bench

  • Over 35 years counselling experience with individuals, couples and families
  • 12 years experience as a clinical supervisor
  • Extensive post-graduate training in a wide variety of therapies including couples therapy and individual with ongoing training in current models
  • Masters degree in clinical social work
  • Registered clinical social worker


Counselling Approach and Emphasis

All counselling has a solution-oriented basis. An emphasis is placed on helping the client develop the necessary skills to diminish or eliminate the problem versus an emphasis on problem exploration.

It is believed that all clients have personal strengths and abilities, and it is the counsellor's role to help clients cultivate these strengths to attain their stated goals. The absence of the problem is only the beginning, however, as helping the client develop more fulfilling practices underlies all counselling.


Counselling Costs / Rates

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